Denis Kusche

Denis Kusche is involved in IT project management with over 15 years and supports CONZIEGLIO in both - event IT solutions and systemic coaching. Denis creates the important bridge between customers and programmers through his delicate sense for the customer requirements by using the optimal IT systems. One of the elementary building blocks of the company.

One of his most valuable gifts is to understand the customer "without words". Usually, at the end of a project, you realize that there was no solution that Denis did not find - whether online or offline. And in the coaching field, he supports with systemic work for customers and is responsible for the personnel and company analysis software.

My career

From childhood I was fascinated to get to the bottom of things. In keeping with the motto "learning by doing", I loved disassembling "broken" things into their individual parts and putting them back together. If this was not possible at least finding out why it was broken. Likewise, I developed a passion for the IT from my earliest youth and have taught myself everything by "tinkering". This is precisely why my first career path led me to the automotive industry. There I was able to make use of my abilities, excellent spatial sense, find the mistake in the system, get to the bottom of things, find creative solutions, and use them optimally. But I wanted more and above all, I wanted to use my IT knowledge more. My next job brought me exactly that. A combination of my talents in project management in the automotive industry!

A new door opens

I quickly realize that I no longer want to put my wealth of experience and knowledge at the disposal of just one company. That's why, in 2014 I ventured into self-employment. Since then, as a Business Relationship Manager, I have focused on IT-related projects based on my strengths, developing plans and goals, introducing and training people in this area, finding solutions for complex systems and requirements, keeping track of the needs of different areas and holistic thinking, which are perfectly used here. The spectrum ranges from setting up an IT strategy for a company to creating a website. For your benefit and advantage: to help you reach your destination faster and easier.

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