According to Wikipedia, mediation is a structured, voluntary process for the constructive settlement of a conflict in which an independent "non-partisan" third party accompanies the conflicting parties in their solution process. Here, we even go a step further. For us, this coaching is about achieving the following through a dialogue:

Everything about the subject of well-being in companies

Well-being is often defined by health. The World Health Organization defines health at work as physical and mental well-being. For us, the psychical well-being is in the foreground.

What does this depend on?

There are essentially the following factors in your company:

  • Pleasant working atmosphere
  • Motivating and authentic leadership
  • Collegial teamwork
  • Motivating workplace

When these factors are fulfilled in your company, one can expect that you give your employees the opportunity to be satisfied, balanced and committed to their job. In our opinion, this represents the greatest asset of your company.

Often however, these factors are limited by conscious or unconscious conflicts.

Do you know the following questions?

  • How can I resolve conflicts in my teams?
  • How can I bring about a mutually beneficial solution in a tense situation?
  • How can I recognize and improve the performance of employees through constructive review meetings?
  • How do I regain sovereignty in difficult situations?

Take a quick look around your company. As it becomes more and more challenging to find new employees, is not it worthwhile solving difficult situations through mediation?

We have many years of experience as well as tried and tested procedures and are convinced. You too?

If so, we look forward to accompanying you in a mediation - with different thinking and new concepts.

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