CONZIEGLIO is a holistic coaching company, specialised in purchasing methods and systemic management of MICE-services: regional, national and global.

Thinking outside the box

We are unique. Many companies say so, but we are truly different! We offer not only outstanding expertise and extensive experience in these areas, but also holistic and systemic thinking. For our clients we find new perspectives by thinking outside the box and therefor help to reach the goals that were set. This enables us to exclusively address issues relating to every single, individual  business. Thereby, we acknowledge the different approaches of all stakeholders, from the purchasing businesses to the contractors.

We are aware of  the challenges of strategic purchasing of event management services. In response we are able to effectively implement simplified and custom-made answers designed specifically for our clients. Often with the help of event IT systems.

Our services are developed as a modular system, so that you can easily combine them individually for what ever fits your needs.

Our holistic, systemic way of working and thinking is primarily geared towards YOU, our customers, in providing clear results and successfully expanding the area of event management within your business for the future.